Goodbye 5th grade!

2 days ago was my graduation! Well, that does not mean that I don’t have school any more, that just means that I am moving on to middle school. That also does not mean that summer has already started. Anyways, I am really interested to know what middle school is like. (As you probably know, I haven’t been to middle school before). If you have been to middle school or you are in middle school, I would like you to comment something useful about middle school. Best of luck to next years’ 6th,7th, and 8th graders!

Summer reading

The public library has been starting the summer reading programs already, but school isn’t even over and I finished it already, the thing is, you have to read for 10 hours, then you can get a free book. If you read for 40 hours, you can get entered into a raffle to get a FREE reading device.

Next year I am going to be going to middle school! Right now, I am in elementary school, 5th grade. The thing is with this middle school, I have to read a book over the summer that is called WONDER by┬áRaquel J. Palacio. Everyone that read the book says it is such a good book but I only got through the first few chapters. I think, in my opinion, the book is really interesting. If you don’t like wonder after the first few chapters, maybe you read the book to early in age, or you only like a certain type of books, what ever it would be to make someone not like wonder, I disagree with their reasoning. It is a really good book.

Barnes and Noble also has a reading it’s own reading challenge too. With that reading challenge, you write a list of the books you read and the author of the book, and depending on your age, when/if you complete the reading challenge, you have certain choices of books you can get for free from Barnes and Noble.

Last of all, There is a reading thing with school, where we will get a packet and we have to finish reading AND a summary of 29 books we read over the summer. That’s a lot of reading!



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